Come Away with Me

“We live most of our days in the world of struggle, of pain, of labor – of duty, and responsibility and sacrifice – of simpler joys, ordinary beauty, modest pleasure.  But there is here in our tradition there is another voice.  A reminder that sometimes we are graced by nothing more or less than delight, ecstasy, wonder. That deep in the heart of the Holy One, deep in our hearts, is a desire simply to be with one another.”

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In the Midst of Violence, A New Creation

“We come together to create a new reality. A new community, deeply invested in one another, for the long haul. A community which demonstrates a new possibility and motivates bold action for change. We come together to stop the death spiral of violence and retaliation and injustice by creating a more powerful alternative. We want to displace the majority that calls for the destruction of the other, that wishes their enemy would just go away, that says peace is impossible and nothing can change. Continue reading “In the Midst of Violence, A New Creation”

A New 5,000

“Our world is so broken, so torn, so filled with suffering that there is a lifetime of holy work for each of us to do.  Wherever the Spirit calls us, we are inited to put the power of our lives toward the good and holy path, to energize the decisions that will lead to justice and peace and love.  And when we do – choice by choice, decision by decision – the tide can and will turn.

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